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2019/20 season cards posted out today!

2019/20 Bears season cards will begin to be posted out on Wednesday, September 11th.

A club record 7,500 season cards have already been snapped up, with packages still available online by clicking here.

Your season card envelope will include the season card and a TM Lewin discount card. Please note, you will only receive a new card if you are a new season card holder, in a new seat or have changed age/concession category.

If you are an existing season card holder and have lost or thrown away your card, supporter services will print a new one at no cost, as long as you inform us before the start of the Premiership season (Friday, October 18th).

To contact supporter services, call 0117 963 0600 or email

Please wait a few days before calling if you haven’t received your season card as there may be a delay in the post.

Membership cards will be printed and ready to send on Wednesday, September 18th.