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Heat Recruitment backing the Bears

Heat Recruitment Managing Director, Steve Preston talks about the partnership with Bristol Bears.

As a leading specialist recruitment consultancy in Bristol and the UK, Heat Recruitment were one of Bristol Bears’ inaugural partners and have continued into the second season of the Bears with sponsorship of both the home and away shirts, as well as areas of Ashton Gate being sponsored in the bold Heat logo.

So what made a recruitment company decided to take such a prominent role in the sponsorship of Bristol Sport?

As an ambitious company working within a competitive industry, it makes perfect sense to align ourselves with one of the most competitive and exciting clubs within Premiership Rugby. As a business Heat Recruitment really cares about sport in the city and we are huge supporters of the rugby club, and cannot help but feel inspired by what the Bears are striving to achieve. It is fantastic for Heat to have such a strong and close relationship with Bristol Bears and it’s equally great to be part of the Bristol Sport journey, with many exciting projects and events ahead. The way that the players and staff interact and understand our business values is truly unique and we’ve loved spending time at the training base, having the opportunity see Pat in action and identifying ways we can use certain leadership principals within our own business to motivate Heat employee’s.

For Heat, the bold and dynamic approach that the Bears have adopted matches our own ambitious mindset – we are seeing the value in being in partnership with the club and we’re backing Pat and the boys to achieve even more success throughout the season”. – Steve Preston (MD)

Our successful partnership with the Bears has enabled us to see more synergy between the two professions, in that like Rugby, recruitment needs ambitious, passionate, goal and team orientated members to help the business drive forward as a whole. There are few sports like rugby where the collective efforts of the team are so important to their overall success, and it’s these principals we try to embed deep within the culture of Heat Recruitment. Like within a successful rugby team, every individual plays their part in helping the collective unit achieve it’s goals, and without that, the team just wouldn’t function. To promote this within our business we have various recognition schemes set up to encourage others to publicly praise the contributions of others in the business at every level.

As a growing business we go to great lengths to try and ensure those we recruit into the business are aligned to the values of the company, and it’s perhaps here that we see the clearest alignment between being a successful rugby player and a successful recruiter. When identifying potential or suitable recruiters, we look for individuals who demonstrate:

Driven by success

To be successful in either profession requires an inner drive, something that is always spurring the individual on to “go again” and keep persevering in the face of adversity.

Self-improvement Mindset

Whilst certain individuals naturally possess particular skills that will undoubtedly aid them in their rugby or recruitment careers, being great at either requires practice. Recruiters, like rugby players constantly evaluate their own performance and look to make improvements in the ways they manage each part of the process to achieve a better outcome for their customers.


Both rugby and recruitment requires dedication to be successful. Neither are environments where the team can afford to carry individuals who don’t put their all in. The margins between success and failure within both are extremely narrow, and without dedication it would be impossible to survive long-term.

Positive mindset

Recruiters and rugby players approach their work with the inherent belief that they can do it. It’s this state of mind that enables them both to overcome setbacks, weather storms and come back stronger.


Both professions are ferociously competitive, and those within them are driven by the thought of winning and the fear of losing.

With recruitment, much like rugby in most cases there can only be 1 winner, where only 1 candidate can secure the position.

Heat Recruitment are specialist Recruiters in the Digital, Engineering, Financial Services, Insurance and Legal Sectors, and proud sponsors of Bristol Bears. If you feel you demonstrate the above characteristics and want to explore opportunities in Recruitment, please contact Emily Coughtrie ( on 0117 9221771.