Bear in Mind

Bear in Mind is a health and wellbeing programme aimed at equipping girls in secondary education with the tools to build self-confidence and to cope with the wider issues faced by young women across modern society today.ย 

The programme encourages girls to not only maintain an interest in sport and physical activity but also investigate topics such as stress, resilience, self-care, body image, the impact of social media and positive relationships. Navigating through adolescents towards adulthood can be an arduous pathway, the Bear in Mind programme endeavour to help this process by helping the girls to focus on themselves and what is important, by adopting a growth mindset, by daring to be themselves and surrounding themselves with people who value them as they are.

Key Aims

The key aim of the Bear in Mind programme is to develop strong, resilient, confident young women for the future. The girls will develop the skills to; the benefits of physical activity on mental health, use strategies to manage stress, build resilience, understand the positive and negative impacts of social media, promote body confidence, maintain positive and healthy relationships, defy self-doubt and dare to follow your own path.

Impact & Outcomes

  • To incorporate physical activity as part of a daily routine to feel the benefit on both physical and mental health.
  • To develop self-esteem and confidence to have a positive relationship with themselves and to understand that their differences are what makes them unique.
  • To understand the intensity of emotions, how to manage them and what structures/plans can be utilised for self-care or where to turn for help.
  • To understand the importance of positive relationships with ourselves and others and to consider the impact a negative relationship can have on mental health.

Programme Structure

Bear in Mind is a 12-week programme that assists 14-16-year-old girls to navigate the challenges of growing up in the modern world. Sessions will be a mixture of workshop-style classroom-based sessions as well as practical sessions incorporating some of the values of Rugby Union - Teamwork, Enjoyment and Respect.


"The Bear in Mind programme is a real game changer for young women in the City of Bristol. Its vital that schools and sports organisations continue to have conversations around mental health in sport.
Body image can have a massive impact on young women, I've struggled with this in the past, however over the past few years I've tried to reframe my mind to focus on what my body can do and not what it looks like. For these reasons I feel that the Bear in Mind programme is important in educating the young girls in our community." Daisie Mayes, Bristol Bears Womens player
"The Aspire Partnership are proud to support the Bear in Mind programme. We are a business that helps people structure and plan their personal finances to make sure they do not feel anxious about their financial future.
The Bear in Mind programme helps young people to understand the benefits of health and wellbeing. The aim is to reduce the stress that is generated by social media by giving students the ability to understand how images are created and develop and the skills to become resilient moving forward. The programme looks to help take away some of the anxiety of growing up and help to provide a firm foundation to build for the future." Ian Larthe de Langladure, Partner & Financial Planner

For further information or to book BEAR in MIND for your school, please contact Geraint Lewis