Golden Memories

#GoldenMemories is an offer of formal and informal targeted activities in a wide range of community, retirement, and care settings for participants aged 50+.

Whilst specifically designed to support individuals living with dementia, age-related disability and those affected by social isolation - #GoldenMemories is an inclusive programme that focuses on social connectivity, shared reminiscence and physical activity.

Programme delivery encompasses rich and broad engagement methods, including outcome-driven telephone befriending, social reminiscence groups, walking sport, age-appropriate and adapted physical engagement, and most recently the development of Sensory Walks and Sensory Stories.

Peer support including mentoring and volunteering is a core component of our #GoldenMemories ethos.

Key Aims

  • To reduce social isolation in over 50's
  • To maintain and increase physical activity in later life
  • To provide volunteering opportunities for the whole community

Impact and Outcomes

  • Over 100 people aged 50+ engaged in physical activity yearly
  • Participants aged 50-104 years sharing memories, smiles and physical activity
  • Over 150 voluntary hours contributed by candidates aged 50+
  • Programme delivery in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

Programme Structure

#GoldenMemories programme delivery is typically bespoke to the setting and participant group.

Sessions can be purely social, focussing on shared reminiscence, memory-making and storytelling, with a general acceptance that solid refreshments (good old fashioned tea and biscuits) can never be overrated and is nearly always past due!

Physical activity similarly can be the sole focus of the session, whether this is the form of seated dance, Walking Rugby, a range of bowling and target-based games, archery or a plethora of other ball, balloon and fun-based games.

In many settings, sessions tend to blend the social and physical to best meet the needs, desires and aspirations of the group - ensuring an inclusive and accessible welcome is available for all.

Programme Contact Details

For more information relating to #GoldenMemories, reminiscence and over 50's engagement please contact Ian Blundell.