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Sponsor Profile: Unleashed Software

A profile of Jake Heenan's player sponsor - Unleashed Software.

Rather like the Bears squad, we’ve got Jake’s back. We’re a Kiwi abroad too and are super excited to be supporting his 19/20 season. There are 100 of us in total,  20 in Bristol and 80 or so back in Auckland.

Unleashed is cloud software that gives small and medium-sized businesses the freedom to better make, manage and move products.  We make sure they have complete clarity and control over suppliers, inventory, production and sales. Used with cloud accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks, we’re an affordable alternative for those businesses looking to get organised or grow. And because we’re cloud-based, the software just updates, meaning there are no maintenance costs.

We’re really good for the likes of brewers, coffee roasters, lighting and electronics manufacturers or any business that makes, moves and/or manages products.  We’re obsessed with our customers and the good products they handle. Products that are made, moved and sold by people that care, instead of faceless corporations. Ethical or simply well-made products that challenge the monopolies who seek to dictate what we buy and consume. Karawhiua Bears!

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